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I declare

these ones mine!!

Claim any videogame character!!
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All Members , Moderated
Videogame character claims!!

Pick any!! You may pick up to 15 different characters. You don't have to claim them all at once. I, zhugeliang, the MOD, get to have as many as I want.

Note: if you pick a character that's in multiple titles, you claim that character in every form.


no fighting or flaming
first come, first serve*
you must remain a member to keep your claims
talk about videogames!!
promoting of any videogame related community is allowed. Rating communities are allowed, however, any rejection communities are prohibited
in the subject heading, put "I declare" so I know you've read the rules
state which series your characters are from
check the list before claiming!!
behind the LJ cut, put who you're claiming
you may create banners, icons, etc. to show to everyone who you claimed
have fun!!

Want more?? Read on:

getting 3 people over here, you'll get 1 extra claim
making a banner of your claims, you get 1 extra claim
writing an essay about your favourite character, you'll get 2 extra claims. With your first 15, you may write 15 of them but not all at the same time. You may submit a new one every two weeks. After that, you'll have to wait 2 months before you can continue on with your extra claims. Once two months are up, it'll be the same thing with your first 15 claims
points: when you have gotten 1000 points (through various contests/surveys and such), you'll get an automatic 5 extra claims
if you make an awesome background, you'll become my co-mod and have unlimited claims. How this works: if you're creative, submit your work. Members will vote (until there's a final 3. More on that later when we get a lot of members) to see which one they like best. The two runners up will 10 extra claims. All those who participate will get 5 extra claims

*: every so often, I will hold a challenge for anyone who wishes to participate in it. What happens is this: I will declare a challenge for anyone. You can ask to have 5 of the other person's claims. You both have a week to challenge one another. As soon the other person says "no", the challenge is over. You'll know when there's a challenge.